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The Leprechauns - John Eccleston

John Eccleston has had various puppetering role in his careers, along with some presenting work himself. Mr Onion was missing during series 6 of Live & Kicking, and this was due to John being in Australia working on Farscape.

You can see his career list below. The list is in no particular order.

· In vision presenter for: 'The Disney Club', 'Brill.' 'The Big Dish.' and 'Run The risk,' the game element for L&K.
· The Wolves, Whats Up Doc? Also writing & performing 5 spin off comedy/drama series of 'WOLF IT' for CITV.
· Puppeteer "The Muppet Treasure Island."
· Mr Barker in CBBC's "Dear Mr Barker."
· Mr. Onion, The Leprechauns, L&K & L&K Friday. Writing performing all material.
· Puppeteer Jim Henson's "The Animal Show."
· Puppeteer RYGEL 'Farscape' Series 1. Jim Henson Co.
· Groove Hoob: THE HOOBS Series 1. C4. Jim Henson Co.

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Information in this section was correct as at September 2002.