Live & Kicking [1993 to 2001]
Live & Kicking Titles Guide

You might not have noticed, but there were 5 different versions of the L&K titles - and there were at least 8 variants of those over the years along with the 'merged' set used for the very last programme, so that makes a minimum of 14 different versions technically!

Many thanks go to Jon Bufton for his contribution of screen shots for this page.

Most of the changes that happened between 1993 and 1999 were related to changes in the signage on the side of Television Centre's Studio 1 - and very easily missed...

Version 1

This is the original version of the titles and the signage is the original that was installed when Television Centre was opened back in the 1960s.

Used from 1993 to 1994.

There was also a Christmas variant of this set with snow and festive music.

Version 2

This version was introduced at the start of the second series when the sign on TVC was changed to the then corporate standard.

Used from 1994 to 1997.

And another variation of the titles for Christmas, this time with a snowball crashing about instead of the metallic one

Version 3

This version was introduced in 1997 to reflect the change to the new corporate look, and was introduced on the morning of 4th October to co-inside with the re-launch of the new look BBC ONE (This was programme 2 of the series, programme 1 sported version 2 of the titles). The programme was also the first to have the new BBC logo shown at the end of it.

Unfortunately, the signage was not installed at the time that the titles were made (in fact they were not in place until mid November - just in time for that year's Children In Need) and whoever assumed that they would look like this guessed wrong!

The 'Television Centre' sign was actually mixed case and was right-justified on the building facade.
Sort of like this:- |B||B||C|       Television Centre

Used from 1997 to 1999.

Also from this era was the spin-off programme L&K Friday, which boasted it's own set of variant titles...

...and to complete this set are the titles for the Saturday afternoon L&K Replay that was broadcast on BBC CHOICE as part of the channel's CBBC offering.

L&K Replay ran from 6th March 1999 to 1st April 2000 and kept the same version of the titles even when the main show's titles were updated for series 7 with version 4.

(This set of titles alluded us for 20+ years! See the full titles in the media gallery!)

Version 4

With the opening of 'Stage 6' at TV Centre, the reception was moved to a new glass fronted area of the building, so the titles were changed to show the big metallic ball smashing it's way out of that part of the building, rather than through the wall of TC1.

Used from 1999 to 2000.

Another year, another set of titles, another Christmas variant...

And then, a week later there was the special set used for the 'L2K' edition of the show - broadcast on 1st January 2000 as part of the BBC's fabulous 2000 Today project.

There was another variant of these titles used for the special Music Live & Kicking. This version was wide-screen and also had the addition of the images of Steve Wilson, Emma Ledden, Ortis Deley and guest presenter the late Stephen Gately being superimposed on the glass frontage.

Although these were the first widescreen titles for the show they were simply zoomed and reframed in to 16:9 aspect rather than 4:3.

It's probably worth a mention that the title music of this show was somewhat appropriately played live by a band led by the theme's writer Dave Arnold.

Version 5

The final set of titles were the first true wide-screen set and were a complete change to reflect the show's new image.

Used from 2000 to 2001.

And here's the Christmas variant of the final set of titles with reindeer..

...and lots of floating snowflakes!

And to finish things off there was the special 'merged' set featuring a mix of versions 3 and 5 along with the latter's music.