Live & Kicking [1993 to 2001]

Mitchell Johnson joined Live & Kicking at the start of series 3 and stayed right up to the end of series 7, making a final return to the show for the very last programme.

He was the voice-over man who lived in the cupboard that at times had a large MITCH logo on the door and was never seen on air.

Mitch was already known for his voice having hosted a Virgin Radio show of his own from the launch of the network.

His voice has also featured on several other BBC shows including Friends Like These, Children in Need, The National Lottery and Linford's Record Breakers, and can still be heard on voice overs for both radio and TV.

We say that he was never seen on air, but an attempt was made, by the Leprechauns, at the end of one edition of Live & Kicking to reveal him, but things didn't quite go to plan!

However, we have two documented pictures of Mitch from two separate Crew photos so you can see the man himself.

1996 Crew Photograph
1996 Crew Photograph
1999 Crew Photograph
1999 Crew Photograph

After publishing the above, the following information was received from site visitor Russ Wright:

"I can confirm he has appeared on television in person on a show called The Priory on Channel 4 teatime. You may remember it from around 2000/2001 in which former L&K presenters Zoë Ball and Jamie Theakston presented. One segment featured guessing a mystery person for the week and one of them was Mitch. They would give clues throughout the show but the people they had to guess were a bit vague including the person behind the suit of Bungle from Rainbow!"