Dick and Dom in da Bungalow [2003 to 2006]
Bungalow Games

Dick and Dom have played a lot of very silly games in da Bungalow, and here's a list of some of them.

All Electric Granny Snog Quiz
Baby Race
Balloon Bang-a-ang
Bangers and Dash
Barky Cluckinson's Alfresco Pie Challenge
Big Bad Blooming Bungalow Bonus Bonanza Banging Booty Break
Blind Man's Buff Man
Brum Brum Ding Ding Sing Sing
Bungalow Bingo
Bungalow Fattle Bots
Bungalow Girly Battle Bots
Bungalow Head Household Appliances
Bungalow Rodeo
Bungalow Royal Battle Bots
Bungalow Twin Turbo Battle Bots
Bungalow World Record Attempt
Cat Mad Do
Celebrity Pet Race
Celebrity Two Word Tango
Cereal Race
Crying Game
DC Harry Batt's Interrogation Game
Dick and Dom's Dirty Day
Do I Know You Or Snot?
Do Not Laugh or You Will Lose
Don't Go Daddy
Drop Your Guts
Eeny Meeny Mackeracka Raridominacka Shickapappa Dickywhopper Rom Pom
Fairly Hairy Fizzogs
Fat on your Back
Get Out Of That!
Grasping Rasping Wrinklies
Mucky Puddle Power Shower Game
Musical Splatues
Nae Body Move
Outboard Motor Gob Game
Painty Painty Paint Paint
Pop My Saggy Bags
Pumpy Rumpy
Push Plop Protein
Raymond Farmer's Farmyard Races
Repetition Competition
Run Prize Idiot Run
Shave and Vac
Snotty Danglies
That's The Stuff
There's a Face in My Bucket
Toddler Tug of War
Tricky Training
Wappy Feet
What a Sweaty Flap
What's In The Box
Yum Yum Yack