Dick and Dom in da Bungalow [2003 to 2006]
About: Dick and Dom in da Bungalow

The Saturday Show was given a rest in September 2003, after two solid years on air, to be replaced by the successful CBBC Channel show Dick and Dom in da Bungalow. Broadcast as a simulcast on the CBBC Channel, the show was initially a 'celebrity-free' zone of total chaos and gunge. The main idea is that children who visited the bungalow (they were better known as 'Bungalow Heads') took part in messy and disgusting games to earn bungalow points.

The two former stalwarts of CBBC afternoons had a cult following and this was quite a different show for the slot.

Picking up some criticism on the way - the most spectacular being made up by a Conservative MP in the House of CommonsBroadcast for two hours, then followed by Top of the Pops Saturday, it ran until spring 2004 when The Saturday Show re-appeared for the summer. And just for those who found that two hours of Dick & Dom on a Saturday wasn't enough, there's was second helping every Sunday on the CBBC Channel!

A second run on BBC ONE started in September 2004 and continued through to March 2005, picking up some criticism on the way from various sources - the most spectacular being made up by a Conservative MP in the House of Commons.

Also, the 2004/5 version had a different set of cartoons broadcast on BBC ONE and the CBBC Channel so you could make a choice. And for added fun, if you didn't like any of the cartoons you could play the BBCi interactive game Buttons, Balls and Bungalaa by pressing that little red button on your remote control.

Towards the end of the 2004/5 run, Dick and Dom did their bit for Comic Relief with four days of shows called Comic Relief in da Bungalow.

The show returned in September 2005 for a final series. This time the boys revealed that the Bungalow has a garden, and at the same time the cellar disappeared.

The other main difference for the last series was that one of the six Bungalow Heads was a celebrity (sometimes it seemed that that description was pushing it a little...) but it certainly added another dimension to the show. One other things that made the series so fun was the inclusion of the manic creation that was DC Harry Batt.

The show ended on a high and went out with a song and the inevitable covering of creamy muck muck.