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A celebration of BBC Saturday Morning television from the launch of The Multi-Coloured Swap Shop in 1976.
Welcome to Saturday Mornings
The idea for Saturday Mornings was dreamt up on a grey, wet Saturday afternoon back in October 2000.

The aim was to celebrate the then four incarnations of BBC Saturday Morning television and all of the bits shown in the summers when the main programmes were off air.

Since then we've expanded and changed to document all of the other programmes that have entertained children in what became a very unique slot in the BBC schedules, and we think it's fair to say we've managed to achieve what we set out to do - with some help along the way.
Addicted to BBC Saturday Morning TV
It's fair to say that we're addicted to the subject of this site - we remember most of it as it went to air. Here's a taste of what's available on Saturday Mornings over and above the main show's content.

Saturday Mornings Plus is where we take a look at some parts of the shows in greater detail, but occasionally we do allow ourselves to wander slightly off subject.

The Saturday Mornings Archive has been built up over a period of many years as we trawl the internet and other places for items related to Saturday Morning television.

Publicity Cards - the signed photos - were issued by all programmes, so we've collected as many as we can - from Swap Shop to TMi we've got them all... almost.

It Started With... Swap Shop was broadcast in December 2006 to mark the 30th Anniversary of BBC Saturday Morning television, and Saturday Mornings was lucky enough to be asked by the production team at Unique Television to be involved.

Visit our It Started With... sub-site which documents this very special programme that forms part of the Saturday Morning story.
Things aren't 'Real' Anymore
We've finally converted all of the remaining 'Real' media clips over to 'Flash', so now all our media plays through the Saturday Mornings Media Player.
The Saturday Morning Story

Take a look at our unique interactive Time Line to discover the story of BBC Saturday Morning television.
Gone, but not Forgotten...

The last version of the Saturday Mornings website served us well, so rather than remove it we decided to archive it off.

Feeling nostaligic? You can see it by clicking here.
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If you're enjoying Saturday Mornings then why not drop us a line.

The webmaster is Martin Whale.

You can find all the details you need in our Contact Us section.
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